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Mitsubishi MV 2400 S [R]

The well-known Japanese manufacturer has recently introduced the innovative line of wire EDM MV that, with 4 models, covers a large part of the market demands of the revolutionaries machines EDM.Basata tubular linear motors (patented) and a communication system CNC-drives -Engines completely in optical fiber ("ODS") includes many other innovations that includes a very effective system of threading ("intelligent aT") and the "PFC", a process that achieves a high surface roughness with less skim. Rounds off the highly advanced CNC "Advance Plus" comes with an advanced user interface ("NUI") and able to directly import and manage solid geometry. The "S" version allows you to save on the budget to purchase, the "R" version is more complete.

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Series MV Series Models

Technical specifications

Government unit MITSUBISHI Meldas 700
Strokes - performance
Max workpiece size mm 1050 x 820 x 305h
Piece weight Kg 1500
Work table mm 840x560
X/Y/Z Axis Strokes mm 600/400/310
U and V Axis Strokes mm ±75
Max angle wire - 15° x 260mm
Diameter wire admitted mm 0,1 - 0,3
Roughness obtained µm 0.2 µ Ra (0,1 µ Ra Digital-FS)
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