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Stratasys STRATASYS J750

Stratasys J750 changes the way to see 3D Printing
Automatic color mapping permit to create neutrals and neons, shadows and highlights, textures and gradients. Over 360,000 colors automatically mapped from your design software for photorealistic models
Combining imaging, ingenuity, research and resolve, your team has modeled something truly amazing. Hold it in your hands without extra steps and stipulations. New features, available only on the Stratasys J750, will change the way you look at 3D printing.
Load six materials at once for sweeping variety without swapping canisters. Assign any combination of rigid, flexible, transparent or opaque materials and their composites to a single model or assorted tray. Material selection is fast, simple and fun
Color comes naturally to the Stratasys J750:
Finer layers and faster 3D printing Produce ultra-smooth surfaces and fine details with layer thickness as fine as 0.014 mm — about half the width of a human skin cell. Plus, next-generation print heads double the number of nozzles for increased speed and print quality.

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Technical specifications

Models material
Building materials VeroClear, Tango and Agiulus Family, FullCure RGD720, Vero Family (colors included), DurusWhite, Endur, High Temperature
Digital materials Over 500,000 colors. Digital ABS and Digital ABS2 in ivory and green. Rubber-like materials in a variety of Shore A values. Translucent color tints
Support material
Support Structures SUP705 (WaterJet removable) SUP706 (soluble)
Prototype size 490 × 390 × 200 mm
Machine size (width x heigh tx depth) 1400 × 1200 × 1100 mm
Layer thickness
X axis resolution 600 dpi
Y axis resoution 600 dpi
Z axis resolution 1800 dpi
Accuracy / Precision
Tray 500 × 400 × 200 mm
Material cartridges 16 cartridges ,each of 3.6 kg
Notes GrabCAD Software
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