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Stratasys Fortus 380mc CARBON FIBER

Stratasys Fortus 380CF (carbon fiber) builds strong, accurate tools, prototypes, and production parts in Nylon 12CF and ASA.
Nylon 12CF delivers the highest strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio of any Stratasys FDM material.

Unparalleled reliability, throughput, speed, design freedom in a carbon fiber 3D printer. The Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition brings all the proven reliability of a Fortus at a lower price point.

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Technical specifications

Models material
Building materials ASA (ten colors), FDM Nylon 12 CF
Spport material
Support Structures Soluble.
Prototype size 355 x 305 x 305 mm
Machine size (width x depth x height) 127 x 90,17 x 194,31 cm
Layer thickness
Print mode Layer thicknesses: 0,330 - 0,254 - 0,178 - 0,127 mm
Accuracy / Precision
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