Car service srl

Logistic partner for machine tools’ transport and handling

Since 1983, Car Service Srl is the best solution for the movement of industrial machinery and heavy transport. With an impressive fleet of vehicles, Car Service is able to carry out industrial transports without size limitations on domestic and international territory, with high specialization in transport with cranes and machinery handling. Expert drivers are able to position the machineries even in the most difficult situations, inside customer’s premises, in full safety.

Trasporto macchinari industriali


CAR SERVICE has an impressive fleet of vehicles, constantly updating and upgrading with tractors, trailer trucks, trucks with cranes, low semi-trailers, semi-trailers with ramps, platforms. This way we guarantee a prompt, timely and flexible response to customers’ needs.
The company also boasts high specialization in handling and complete assembling of sophisticated industrial plants such as large machining centers, pharmaceutical plants and production lines; all this is possible thanks to a strong relationship of trust with the best companies in their industry.

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