Case studies

Automation for loading pieces for the Doosan DVF5000 working center

System description

The automation takes a blank from the warehouse using its fixed arm and loads it into the machine. It waits for the end of the process, takes the finished product and puts it back in the warehouse.
The automation allows to have the front of the machine free so that any corrections can be made to the cn without interrupting the cycle.


No. 1 ERC Robot Compact 80 base unit
No. 1 RCS fixed arm
No. 1 HSK100 RCS collet
No. 1 Rack magazine body (mag. 1)
No. 3 Storage shelves spec HSK100 3 pos.
No. 1 Rack magazine body (mag. 2)
No. 3 floors mag. special SK100 3 pos.
No. 1 Floor mag. special HSK100 3 pos. telescopic
No. 1 Body mag. additional rack for ERC80 (mag. 3)
No. 3 Special storage shelves HSK100 4 pos.
No. 1 EWIS Rapid Scan including support
No. 1 Plug kit harting modular connector O 72 Poles
No. 2 Fixed safety barriers <<400mm Compact robot installation and training No. 1 JMS PL – Robot Connection No. 1 Setup and station Manager JMS4.0PL

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