Case studies

Cella robotizzata con robot antropomorfo in asservimento al centro di lavoro Doosan DNM4000

System description

The robot will be equipped with nr. 4 grippers with 2 jaws, will pick up nr. 2 blanks from the parts warehouse, will wait for the end of processing from the vertical machining center, will unload the worked piece 1, will blow for cleaning the loading area, will deposit the 1st blank on the equipment, will unload the worked piece 2, will blow to clean the loading area, will deposit the 2° blank on the equipment.
The processed pieces (finished) will be deposited in the box, abandoned at a height between 20-30 cm, arranging them in bulk trying not to create accumulations.


No. 1 Robot M10iA / 10M
Structure for fixing the robot to the warehouse
Nr. 2 double gripper unit with 2 jaws
Gripping fingers with multi-line adjustment
No. 1 automatic warehouse
No. 2 Tray-holder trolleys
No. 16 + 16 trays 500×600 mm with workpiece holder
Sample piece exit chute
Accident prevention protections

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