Case studies

Work island with double anthropomorphic robot in enslavement a NO. 2 Doosan Puma V400 vertical lathes

System description

The operator loads the pieces to be machined on a chain transport with piece separator, this transport brings the discs to the robot picking area, here the disc is centered and the robot can pick it up and load it on the lathe to perform the OP10 phase. After loading the lathe, the robot turns and places the machined piece in the first phase on a tilter, changes the grip and places it on the chain conveyor that brings the piece into the robot 2 working area. pick-up robot 2 takes it and brings it in front of the lathe delegated to the OP20 machining phase, unloads the machined piece and loads the new piece to be machined. Once the loading operation is complete, the robot will enter the washing machine, pick up the washed piece and load the piece to be washed. The piece taken from the washing machine will be loaded on the control bench, if the check gives a positive result the piece will be deposited on a chain conveyor to be directed towards the robot 1, if the measuring bench gives a negative result the piece will be deposited on a waste roller conveyor with idle rollers. The piece returning to robot 1 will be picked up by the same robot and unloaded onto a chain conveyor to direct it towards the operator.


No. 2 R1000 iA / 100F anthropomorphic robots No. 2 Double grip magnetic wrists No. 2 Robot Base
No. 2 motorized roller conveyors with chain transport for loading the pieces
No. 2 motorized intermediate roller conveyors with chain transport for the transport of pieces from R1 to R2 and vice versa
No. 1 motorized roller conveyor with chain transport for unloading the pieces
No. 1 roller conveyor with idle rollers for the rejection of conforming pieces No. 2 Electrical cabinets for system management
No. 2 guard kits around the entire perimeter of the work island
No. 1 management software
Tilting stand

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