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Complete software solution for design, testing and production


The modular structure designed by OSL allows you to configure the CAD CAM system that best suits the needs of each technical office and each workshop, thanks to tools specifically designed for design, monitoring and control.

Furthermore, the possibility of simulating the processes allows to reduce the tests in the machine, optimizing the work flow, the set up times and the production costs.


EDGECAM is a computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system for programming NC parts for milling, turning, multitasking and wire erosion machines.

Fast and effective programming is made possible thanks to the extremely intuitive workflow user interface.


VISI, CAD / CAM software solutions for the mold industries, offers a unique combination of applications that includes a single integrated CAD and CAM environment with complete 2D, 3D and 5-axis milling strategies with dedicated high-speed procedures.


NCSIMUL manages the entire machining process from the NC program to the machined component allowing users to fully control production and including the automatic reprogramming of the NC code and its simulation.

NCSIMUL virtually defines the real machining environment to eliminate errors, decrease setup times, reduce costs and increase productivity in the workshop. (Interface with EdgeCAM)


It allows you to create and modify desired geometries. It offers a compact and powerful solid and surface modeling system based on the Parasolid industry standard. Easy and intuitive to use, it also includes an automatic table manager.

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