Gestione logistica WMS --CAMBIARE--

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Complete software solution for warehouse management and handling


The "Logistics" area is the part of GP90 relating to those series of modules whose primary purpose is the management of the WMS (Warehouse Management System). The WMS aims primarily to control the movement and storage of materials within 1+

Proper management of the WMS cannot ignore the use of tools such as: WI-FI portable terminals, barcode readers, thermal printers and labels.


The procedures for portable terminal (wi-fi) allow you to carry out material handling operations directly in the factory.

Countless operations can be carried out, including: preparation of sales note, preparation of subcontracting outgoing, inventory, adjustments, material entry, movement from warehouse to warehouse, picking list fulfillment, etc.


Printers that allow you to print labels of different formats and types (paper, plastic materials, tags, etc.) from multiple contexts (GP90, TOUCH, Portable Terminals, etc.) or alternatively from a specific software supplied.

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