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Warehouse planning and logistics software


The "Warehouse" area is the part of GP90 most closely related to the management functions of customer orders, movements, stocks, procurement of materials and external subcontracting.

The multiple functions allow you to always have the warehouse under control and consequently to keep the related costs monitored.


The tool allows you to organize, manage and monitor the activities (phone calls, offers, appointments, agreements, etc. ..) carried out and / or to be carried out for each individual customer / contact.

The new features have made it possible to manage for each company the various company references and related information such as telephone, Skype contact, direct e-mail address, and with the latter being able to communicate directly with Outlook.


It allows to manage product repairs starting from a detailed estimate capable of reporting all operational information (list of necessary materials and labor activities)

to arrive at the cost verification accounting.


it's possible to calculate a production plan (MPS) or a complete planning of the net requirements of both purchase and production materials (MRP), taking into account the customer orders and minimum stock levels set on the products.

It is possible to consider the global situation of the company, or make a simplified use of it with the explosion of individual orders or groups of orders.

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