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Business management via software and cost reduction


The "Planning and control" area is the part of GP90 most closely related to the management, planning and control of the production plan.

It allows you to follow the progress of orders and / or production orders, to verify the activities carried out on every single detail, to monitor the load of resources, to finalize the orders and to have real costs under control.

Warehouse planning and logistics software


The "Warehouse" area is the part of GP90 most closely related to the management functions of customer orders, movements, stocks, procurement of materials and external subcontracting.

The multiple functions allow you to always have the warehouse under control and consequently to keep the related costs monitored.

Software solution for production management – MES solutions


The "Data Collection" area is the part of GP90 concerning hardware tools and software modules related to the MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

MES indicates a computerized system with the main objective of managing and controlling the production function of a company. The interaction between the workshop and the technical office is the strong point of the system.

Complete software solution for warehouse management and handling


The "Logistics" area is the part of GP90 relating to those series of modules whose primary purpose is the management of the WMS (Warehouse Management System). The WMS aims primarily to control the movement and storage of materials within 1+

Proper management of the WMS cannot ignore the use of tools such as: WI-FI portable terminals, barcode readers, thermal printers and labels.

Integrated system for software quality control of the company


The "Quality" area is the part of GP90's competence relating to that series of modules that have as their purpose the management of the various aspects of company quality.

Integrated communication system between PC and CNC machines


The "CNC Data Transmission" area consists of a set of software and hardware components aimed at managing activities related to the use and archiving of ISO programs for CNCs (Computer Numeric Control) and for communication with them.

This area is perfectly integrated with GP90 Over as the ISO programs can be recalled and managed from various contexts (work phase, product, etc.), even in DNC (Direct Numerical Control) mode.

Modular solutions for the dialogue between company software


The systems integration area of GP90 provides engineering companies with a system of modular solutions for dialogue and / or integration between the various internal and external software within the company.

The direct transmission between different production, logistic, admin. areas also allows all information to pass through the ERP system, making the digitization of processes and the development of the smart factory ever more effective and effective.

Complete software solution for design, testing and production


The modular structure designed by OSL allows you to configure the CAD CAM system that best suits the needs of each technical office and each workshop, thanks to tools specifically designed for design, monitoring and control.

Furthermore, the possibility of simulating the processes allows to reduce the tests in the machine, optimizing the work flow, the set up times and the production costs.


It allows to process and define the estimated cost of items (including non-coded ones) through the quick entry of internal processing data, external processing, materials and treatments.

The module allows you to operate in a parallel environment, but closely linked to the personal one, thus allowing the user to perform simulations in a more streamlined manner thanks to the insertion of a limited number of data.

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