Pianificazione e controllo della produzione --CAMBIARE--

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Business management via software and cost reduction


The "Planning and control" area is the part of GP90 most closely related to the management, planning and control of the production plan.

It allows you to follow the progress of orders and / or production orders, to verify the activities carried out on every single detail, to monitor the load of resources, to finalize the orders and to have real costs under control.


It allows to process and define the estimated cost of items (including non-coded ones) through the quick entry of internal processing data, external processing, materials and treatments.

The module allows you to operate in a parallel environment, but closely linked to the personal one, thus allowing the user to perform simulations in a more streamlined manner thanks to the insertion of a limited number of data.


The module allows short-term planning, through a facilitated interface and drag & drop functionality, to sequence / schedule the processing phases (internal and external) relating to one or more resources to optimize their performance.

It is possible to move the phases already placed along the time axis or move them to other resources, seeing how this affects the workshop workload, even on the sequencer itself.


It's possibile to view the "degree of saturation" for each individual resource / machine with the possibility of intervention by postponing phases, creating exceptions or variations by attributing an alternative resource.

It is also possible to calculate the indicator of the total efficiency of a plant (OEE-Overall equipment effectiveness)


The Module consists of a WEB page that can be consulted through simple internet access and accessible with a personal password made available for each customer in order to share information on GP9Over

These views can be configured according to customer needs. Eg. Of views: order progress, stock of certain products, etc …

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