Trasmissione Dati CNC --CAMBIARE--

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Integrated communication system between PC and CNC machines


The "CNC Data Transmission" area consists of a set of software and hardware components aimed at managing activities related to the use and archiving of ISO programs for CNCs (Computer Numeric Control) and for communication with them.

This area is perfectly integrated with GP90 Over as the ISO programs can be recalled and managed from various contexts (work phase, product, etc.), even in DNC (Direct Numerical Control) mode.


Module for the management and archiving of ISO CNC programs. The module allows ISO programs to be sent and received via Web Service to CNC equipment, even in DNC (Direct Numerical Control) mode.

Management of the program revision index with automatic creation in case of modification on the machine.


Designed to manage all information relating to : search, editing and printing of NC programs, automatic creation of the tool list, display and printing of the piece, annotations on fastening equipment, processing times and data transmission PC/CNC.

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