Bed type milling machine FIL Mod. FA160 CNC Heidenhain TNC 360

Parallel lathe CMT Mod. URSUS 200X1000 6″ HP 5,5 380V

Lathe with 18 controlled axes, 3 turrets, 3 Y-Axes, counter spindle, driven tools and C-Axis CMZ Mod. TX66Y3 CNC FANUC 31I-MB

3-axis vertical machining center PENTAMAC Mod. XMS 1600 CNC VISEL VSC 1030M

Moving column milling machine PARPAS Mod. ML90-4000 HEIDENHAIN TNC-426

6-axis CNC boring machine FEMCO Mod. BMC 110FT2 CNC FANUC 18I-MB

6-axis lathe TAKAMAZ Mod. XY-1000 CNC FANUC 18I-TB

Parallel lathe CMT Mod. URSUS 300X2000

Moving column milling machine LAGUN Mod. GMM6 CNC FAGOR 8065