SLM 800

Technical specifications

SLM 800 3D printer Additive Technology with selective laser melting of metal powders


Build envelope width: 500 mm

Build envelope depth: 280 mm

Build envelope height: 850 mm


Building materials: Acciaio e acciaio inox, leghe di Alluminio, Titanio, Rame. Nickel e CoCr

Printing details

Layer Thicknesses: 20 µm - 90 µm

Build rate: fino a 171 cm³/h

3D Optics Configuration: Quadruplo (4x400W o 4x700W) IPG fiber laser

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Related product

Build envelope width: 315 mm

Build envelope depth: 208 mm

Build envelope height: 293 mm

Machine dimensions: 1900x940x1730 mm

Build envelope width: 190 mm

Build envelope depth: 190 mm

Build envelope height: 196 mm

Machine dimensions: 440 x 410 x 650 (h) mm

Build envelope width: 305 mm

Build envelope depth: 254 mm

Build envelope height: 305 mm

Machine dimensions: 1626x864x711 mm

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