Swiss Type lathes

DN Solutions

Technical specifications

7-axis CNC sliding head lathe “DN Solutions mod. PUMA ST10GS-II “with with sub-spindle, driven tools and CNC DN Solutions-Fanuc i-Plus


X Axis: 91 mm

Z Axis: 120 mm

Y Axis: 176 mm

X2 Axis: 187 mm

Z2 Axis: 190 mm


Max. turning lenght: 120 mm

Bar working diameter: 10 mm

Max. front drill./tap. dia.: 7 mm

Max. back drill./tap. dia.: 6 mm


Subspindle Speed: 10000 min-1

Subspindle motor power: 1,1 kW

Tool post (gang)

Max. mountable tools: 22 nr

Turning tools OD/ID: 10 nr

Cross live tools: 4 nr

Back turning / live tools: 8 nr


Spindle speed: 12000 min-1

Spindle motor power: 3,7 kW

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CNC: F.0i-TF Plus

Max Turning Diameter: 340 mm

Bar Working Diameter: 42 mm

Max. Turning Lenght: 370 mm

X Axis: 190 mm

Z Axis: 400 mm

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